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AMOR5U3Q5FWith this fix, the subject field is now filled in when a simple action replies to an internet mail message.
VMAA5BCTJGRight-clicking to rename a folder failed, if the folder name contained consecutive spaces.
DPOL6Y7LQQFixed a DXLImporter error with missing document/view attribute in doclink/viewlink element. The fix is to relax these attributes as...
MQUE5HUMSVThe Combobox field onChange event triggers twice when "Run Exiting / onChange events after value change" was selected.
MWHN6WHR7VFixed an issue where the amount of column data that the $ViewFormat field could hold (64K) was exceeded.
MMAY6V3P4LThis is an enhancement to allow LotusScript programmers to specify the printer that
they would like to send output to, when using the...
TGUZ6YLMRLRecompile All on design elements with alias names causes performance issues. This problem has been fixed in 8.0.1.
BASO75MK7ZReworked @AbstractSimple ($Abstract) implementation to work correctly for DBCS & MIME and to be consistent, regardless of data type.
BASO75MHNHReworked @AbstractSimple ($Abstract) implementation to work correctly for DBCS & MIME and to be consistent, regardless of data type.
JSHN73QN6ZFixed a problem where a trailing space was left on a server console command when output redirection was used. This affected all commands issued by...
JCHN74ZJAVRework @AbstractSimple ($Abstract) implementation to work correctly for DBCS & MIME, and to be consistent, regardless of data type.
MJON6NAPY3When a shared column is dragged around in a view, it is converted to unshared. This problem has been fixed in 8.0.1.
MJON72RQNMPrior to this fix, if the view properties 'Use applet in browser' or 'Allow selection of documents' were enabled, they could not be turned off...
DBRO779E68Added a comment to LotusScript to alert users to Notes Basic client-only functionality.
DGUY776J8LFixed a problem where NotesUIWorkspace may not be available if the Workspace is
set as the Home Page.
BHUY765EGSFixed a memory leak in NotesRichTextDocLink class.
EDDN66KNFJCreating a new view or changing its selection formula programmatically

used to mistakenly clear the view's form-formula. This problem has been...
GFLY5X5GN8Cannot set default view via NotesView.IsDefaultView=True if there is no view currently listed as the
default view. This problem has been fixed in...
NBRR6ZD42RFix for a crash that can occur because the reference count of an object was not incremented on assignment if it was the member of a value type and...
KCAR74ARMTFix a crash when view.Remove() is called on a view with a NULL name.
STAA73RBMFOn reading input of string without quotes followed by a string within quotes, if the following string
contained a comma , it would only be read up...


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